San Francisco City Hall Wedding

February 20, 2018

To say that I am behind on my blogging, is by far an understatement! I am a photographer and a creative and I love to write, but as of late I have found it hard to sit down and focus  and really put “pen to paper” (as they used to say back in my day). I tend to leave the story telling to my pictures! My camera and I have had the pleasure of capturing SO MANY BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORIES and it’s time I start sharing them with the world!

These pictures are from Ankita and Raj’s romantic and intimate San Francisco City Hall Wedding that I had the pleasure of being a part of back in December of 2016, yes that’s right, I said 2016! As long as it’s been, seeing the photos refresh my memory and bring me back to that cool and rainy San Francisco morning. For a wedding photographer there is nothing more exciting than the morning of a wedding, especially when it involves such an iconic landmark as a venue and such am amazingly photogenic couple that is madly in love like Ankita and Raj.

The night before I also photographed them by the gorgeous coastline of Half Moon Bay for a stunning styled elopement session.

This was more subtle. Simple, classic and elegant are the best words I can think of to describe their San Francisco city hall wedding. I know my pictures do a much better job of telling the story of that day, so I will leave it to them. I chose to use all classic black and white images on this since their Half Moon Bay Elopement was filled with so much color and with such a classic couple and  such a classic venue, timeless black and white images just seemed so right for this! I hope you agree!

San Francisco city hall boasts beautiful architecture.

An art lover’s dream for sure!

It’s hard not to stop looking up with so much loveliness all around!

The Christmas tree is always massive and beautifully staged a top the grand staircase every year.

Like I said the tree was huge!

San Francisco city Hall wedding

First order of business is meeting with the judge which in this case is also the officiant.

This part isn’t very glamorous, but it’s very important of course!

Once that part was over, we all had over to the little wedding ceremony a top the grand staircase.

Such a beautiful staircase by the way!

Ankita was thrilled to make it to the top!

Now the official ceremony can commence!

They exchanged vows.

And they exchanged rings.

And they were pronounced husband and wife!

And he kissed his bride……..

For a long time!

Making our way to the couple’s portraits, but first some more stunning architecture!

Just look at this dome!

And this hallway!

So pretty!

It’s no wonder why this place is always filled with people!

Ankita looking like a work of art!

Raj couldn’t keep his eyes off her!

I don’t blame him! Ankita is gorgeous!

They are just perfect together!

Need I say more?

And these next couple images are my favorite!

Both are 35mm film using Ilford 3200. I love the texture on these!

And for the grand finally……

So much beauty and so much love! Congratulations once again Ankita and Raj!



Sophia and Isabella paint the town

November 20, 2017

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Sophia and Isabella’s birthday parties for the last three years now and every year they get better and better! Since this was their big 1-0, the first of many double digit numbers in their life, their awesome mom, Marisol wanted to make it the most memorable! Marisol is originally from Colombia and in Latin culture there is no point in throwing a small party, it’s either go big or go home! It’s either a celebration or it’s not! There are two reasons to work hard for, to play hard and to support and love on your family! This was a combination of both and it was so PERFECT! My daughter Daniella, was invited as well and got to join in on the party and go with Mommy to “work!” We both had a blast and it was my sincerely pleasure to capture these memorable moments for Sofia and Isabella!

The day started with all the girls meeting at Cinema World for a movie!

Everyone got Icees and popcorn!

They all watched the movie Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. As dark as it was, I still snuck in a photo before enjoying the movie myself. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, such a great film!

Following the movie Marisol surprised the girls with a spectacularly huge Escalade from Luxury Limousines in Melbourne, Florida.


This is one hot and fabulous Momma right here!

The limo and the service were both top of the line!

Look at how shinny it was!

Of course, we had to get a group shot right next to it!

Everyone was excited to get in!

Things started off quite inside the limo.

They all wore their new unicorn eye patches they got as party favors. Sofia and Isabella picked those out in a market in London while traveling with their mom over the summer.

Who’s kid is this? Lol! That’s my girl! Staring the dancing inside the limo! YOLO!

Because there’s no such thing as too much sugar on your birthday, first stop, Menchie’s!

Aren’t they adorable?!


Back to the fun limo ride!

Cheers to the birthday girls!

In case your wondering, they drank juice and water!

It was such a fun ride!

The last stop was at River Rocks for dinner!

They all had dinner and enjoyed each other’s company after a very exciting ride together!

Just before the sunset, I was able to take some pictures of the birthday girls on the dock behind River Rocks.

After singing the birthday song, we all had some cake and called it a night!

The cakes where almost too cute to eat! They were delicious and made by Miss Cuppy Cakes Bakery.

I am Frida

October 31, 2017

The whole idea behind the “I am Frida” project is to showcase real women that know the true meaning of struggle and perseverance. It’s women that have gone through or are going through a rough time in their life, yet they refuse to give up and they don’t just show up on a daily basis, they show up with lipstick and a flower crown on, if you know what I mean!? If you aren’t familiar with Frida Kahlo, she was a Mexican painter and creative writer known mostly for her self portraits, her passionate love letters to her husband, Diego Rivera, and her painful lifelong struggle after having sustained serious injuries in a bus accident in Mexico City. I won’t go into more details on her life and struggles but I will say that no matter the pain she was in or the personal struggle she was in, you wouldn’t know it if you saw her. In her famous portraits both on film and canvas she almost always wore a colorful dress or skirt,  she had her hair up, red lipstick on and her signature flower crown. She struggled immensely throughout her life and although she was very open about her struggles both physically and emotionally expressing herself through not only her paintings, but her writing as well, you never saw her in a state of despair or not “put together,” she carried herself like royalty and held her head up high.

With that said, I am honored to bring you my first “I am Frida” feature; my cousin Nancy. Her struggle is close to me and all of my family’s heart since it involves her son Gavino. Born with a rare genetic abnormality of which most babies don’t survive outside their mother’s womb, the doctors told Nancy her newborn baby boy was not likely to live past infancy, that he would never eat on his own, that he would never walk, the list goes on! Nancy and her family would not just accept that, they fought for Gavino and being the champ that he is, he overcame many medical procedures and surgeries and is now 5 and half years old and is able to walk and eat without any feeding tubes. As a mom, I know the struggles of parenting, but nothing like Nancy does, her struggle is real and ongoing and she doesn’t give up, she shows up on a daily basis, she is there for her son and her family supports her and is behind her and Gavino everyday. Nancy admits it has been hard and it will continue to be a hard for her as a mother and a health advocate for her handsome little man, but she puts her best foot forward, pulls herself together, slaps that lipstick on, and is ready to battle the world for her son and his well being.


Rifle Paper Co’s Side Walk Sale in Winter Park, FL

October 18, 2017


I had the pleasure of attending Rifle Paper Co’s “Sidewalk Sale” at their flagship store in Winter Park, Florida this past weekend and it was quite the pretty paper and flower lover’s dream!

In case you are wondering what Rifle Paper Co is, like my husband was when I told him about our weekend plans, it is not a shop that sells paper guns! Contrary to what it sounds like, it is a unique stationary company based in Winter Park, Florida. It offers everything from custom wedding invitation suites to Easter, Birthday and Thank you cards. They also have calendars, meal planners, agendas, notebooks, sketch pads, recipe cards, you name it!

Their sidewalk sale consists of samples and left over printed fabric pieces, loose cards, coasters, calendars and wall art. They didn’t have any wedding invites because those are customized to match a particular wedding theme and are sold on a per order basis. However, this doesn’t mean it wasn’t the perfect place for the discerning Central Florida bride to be! They had fabulous gifts any bridesmaid would love! The planners and notebooks were perfect for a busy bride to be to keep it together during the wedding planning process!

As for me, I stocked up on my Thank you cards, Christmas cards, coasters, and also bought a couple wall calendars for 2018, a planner, a few file folders, three wall art floral pieces, a notebook and piece of cute fabric just because! I got everything at 50-70% off and despite them being samples, everything was in great condition, I could not see any signs of damage on anything! I made out like a bandit in my opinion and so did many more savvy shoppers!

According to a super friendly sales associate, Rifle Paper Co in Winter Park has a sidewalk sale about three times per year and the best way to find out about it is to follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook. If you perhaps are from my home state of California or another part of the world and can’t ever make it to their flagship store in Winter Park, Florida, don’t worry, they run fabulous sales and fulfill custom wedding invitation orders online at their website,

Here are a few pictures of the Sidewalk Sale and some of the goodies I brought home with me! Please enjoy and feel free to Pin away!


And below are some of the goodies I brought home with me!


Pictures for a Purpose

October 9, 2017




As many of you know, I was just all over Mexico this past summer and had such a wonderful time with my family! I also spent a few days in Mexico City with my cousin. It’s by far one of my favorite cities in the world! Being originally from Northern California and now living in Central Florida, I also have a lot of friends from Puerto Rico; naturally when the two major earth quakes and hurricanes Irma and Maria hit, they hit me hard as well! I lost sleep thinking of the loss and the devastation those natural disasters had caused.

I wanted to help, but didn’t know how. My first thought was to grab a flight to Mexico and just pick up a shovel, but being a wife, mother and a business owner, I couldn’t just drop everything and do that, plus that wouldn’t help anyone in Puerto Rico either! So, after a couple days, it finally came to me, I can find a charity that is reputable and that has people in both Mexico and Puerto Rico that is helping those that need it most! I found Direct Relief and was literally relieved!

I came up with a clever idea and called it “Pictures for a Purpose.” I reached out to a couple of my “Friendors” (wedding vendor friends) and within two weeks, I was able to secure a gorgeous venue for the event, get another photographer on board to help take more pictures and draw out more people! Together, we were able to get 16 families/couples to donate to Direct Relief and come out and get some awesome pictures in exchange! A huge thank you to Joanne from the Banyan Estate for being such a gracious host and not only letting us use The Banyan Estate, but also providing some yummy treats and refreshments as well! Thanks as well to Akili from Sassy a la Mode for giving Me some awesome event planning tips and being there to meet and greet folks for the first hour of the event. Another thank you to Nick and Lauren from Nick and Lauren Photography for joining me in this project! And of course, to my Hubby for coming along with the kids, supporting me and always encouraging me throughout the planning process and during the event! Most importantly, thank you to all who donated and supported such a worthy cause! We raised six hundred and fifteen dollars and blessed a lot of people in the process! These are some of the pictures that I took throughout the day!

Muchas gracias a todos!



Joanne setting up the yummy snacks for the guests!

Beautiful calligraphy by Flax + Wool Designs

Adorable details throughout the whole place! How cute is this glitter Mr. & Mrs. sign?!

I couldn’t resist a photographer’s selfie in front of this huge mirror!

I DIYed this flower crown with flowers I bought from Walmart the night before and I found the perfect little princess to wear it!

She was just the cutest!

Fashionable Mommy bought their Mommy and Me dresses from Auguste the Label, love them!!

This little cutie was wearing an adorable dress from Old Navy!

She thought my DIY flower arrangement looked so GOOD, you could EAT IT!

So, she took a bite! Aahh, memories! She’ll look back at this and laugh! I know we all did!

And how cute are these guys? Love the fall colors!

All Mom had to say was chicken pot pie and it brought a huge smile to this little guy’s face!

Look at that smile! He’s one handsome little guy and you can tell where he gets it from!

Classic Father and Son portrait! Melts my heart!

So many nice places to take a stroll throughout the Banyan!

Of course, they had to break out the “Big Guns.” Watch out!

That smile says a whole lot!

Hand in hand from now until forever!

Such a sweet couple!

This family was not the posy type, so I just let them be!

Brotherly love!

We let the boys run around and I grabbed a portrait of Mom and Dad alone for a change!

This little family was just the cutest! More fall colors!!

I seriously don’t think these two can get any cuter!

I can’t take it! This makes me want to have another little munchkin!

I ended the sessions with this super rad couple!

And they are expecting! Baby is coming this December! How exciting!

The Banyan tree from which The Banyan Estate got it’s name made the perfect backdrop for this Baby Bump!

Adeline + Gabriel; Florida Destination Wedding

June 24, 2017


Adeline and Gabriel flew down from the Big Apple to sunny central Florida for their lovely Coastal Florida Destination Wedding.  I used both digital and film to capture their day. Here’s a brief summary of their lovely wedding day! I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it and tell the story of their day with beautiful, timeless images! The film images were scanned by Photovision Prints.

 They had a simple, yet elegant invite that fit perfectly with their coastal Florida destination wedding.

The day began with the wedding party getting ready at the Double Tree by Hilton Beach side Hotel in Indialantic, Florida.

She had a cute custom wedding dress hanger with Mrs. Wagner written on it!

The beach view through this hall way window was a lovely backdrop for the wedding dress shot!

The Bride kept her details simple and timeless. Here’s a soft 35mm film shot of her earrings and her something blue.

Continuing with the theme of simplicity, the bride kept her makeup to a minimal and did it herself.

When it came to her hair, she left it up to Michelle Meyer from Styling by Michelle M.

Her simple and elegant up-do looked gorgeous and kept her cool on a warm Central Florida Spring day.

Adeline chose to honor an ancient and beautiful Indian tradition of using henna to symbolize a woman’s transformation into a bride.

All her bridesmaids were in awe!

Keeping with tradition and the merging of cultures; Adeline and Gabriel said their “I do’s” at Ascension Catholic Church.

The groom kept it classy as well!

Adeline’s wedding dress was from David’s Bridal.

Henna art by Space Coast Henna.

That look! So cute!

DIY wedding bouquet! All the heart eyes!!

Yellow Dog Cafe is the perfect venue for a Coastal Florida Destination Wedding.

It was beautifully decorated with DIY flower arrangements made by a family friend!

The guests enjoyed a beautiful view of the Indian River Lagoon.

A Coastal  Florida destination wedding would not be complete without starfish and seashells!

Their first Dance with a gorgeous view!

Those blues and pinks! LOVE IT!

Cake by the Ocean!!

Cake by Publix Bakery.

He didn’t play nice, but they had fun with it!

Adorable details for the Bride and Groom!

Lemon Raspberry Martini? Yes, Please!

Very lively crowd! Everyone made it to the dance floor at one point or another!

The view of Yellow Dog Cafe from their dock!

I love this shot of their hands intertwined!

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went out on the dock for some couple portraits during the reception!

It was breezy and beautiful!

A beautiful rainbow flare caught on my lens!

The light was magical here!!

Thank you Adeline and Gabriel! It was my pleasure to capture your special day! Cheers to you!!


Northern California Romantic Seaside Elopement

May 9, 2017


Ankita and Raj wanted an intimate elopement before their big Indian wedding that took place the first weekend in May! They had a simple civil ceremony at San Francisco city hall, and celebrated with this coastal elopement shoot that was just as beautiful and romantic as their love story! They had to overcome many barriers to finally be together and they wanted a happily ever after that reflected their story and embraced their love for each other! This took place on the beautiful, yet rough Northern California coastline. The wind stirred up the waves, the salty air created a misty haze so strong the sun could not break through and the breeze was as cold as ice, yet the thrill of their love kept them warm! To give these images an extra special touch, I shot almost all of them in 35mm film using the magical Fuji 400H. I had the pleasure of styling the couple by picking their wardrobe for their session and I also got to collaborate with some very talented vendors to make this all come together so beautifully! I hope you guys enjoy these magical images! Congratulations once again to Ankita and Raj! Wishing all the happiness this world has to offer! A Link to all the vendor’s websites is located at the bottom of this entry! Be sure to check them out, especially if you’re a NorCal Bride to Be!

I love that golden hour light and her beautiful smile!
The groom’s details were on point! From the boutonniere to the suspenders, the cuff links, the watch, the skinny tie, and the shoes!
So many lovely details shot on 35mm film! I love the grain, the color tones and the contrast! That shimmering light bouncing off the water is gorgeous!

Talk about a beautiful cake, and those roses were actually edible!! (more…)

Yellow Green Market in Hollywood, FL.

March 9, 2017

A little over two weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Miami for a beach elopement and an engagement session I shot, plus a couple other fun things! Of course while in the area I made sure my family and I had some time to explore and have fun! I found an awesome Farmer’s Market called Yellow Green Market in Hollywood, Florida. It’s not completely open air, but it’s in a large open warehouse space with plenty of air circulation and open space! The Market is filled with delicious and exotic dishes, fruits, veggies, flowers, lotions and potions for every ailment, locally brewed beer and coffee!

To be completely honest, I spent most of the time there eating! We met up with an old friend and his kids, walked around and did a lot of “window shopping.” I bought some fresh flowers, (three bunches for $10), some amazing de-puffing all natural eye cream (it was $16 and I love it), and of course some delicious lavender earl grey tea (only $1)!

Since I was there with my husband, my kids, a friend and his kids, it wasn’t exactly a “photo trip” but I was able to have them wait for Me while I walked around with my camera for 5 minutes, (I actually set the timer on my phone) and took a few pictures so I could blog about it and entice you to go visit! I really enjoyed it! It’s a fun, vibrant place that celebrates different cultures and offers some amazing deals! It’s open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am until 4pm year round! You can find it on Yelp as well!

I highly recommend Oaxaca an Asian Mexican Bistro with an amazing tuna stack! If you’re in the area, just go and explore it for yourself, you won’t regret it!

Aren’t they just the cutest! It seriously took longer to take these kid’s picture than it took to take all the rest of the pictures in this blog post!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this week’s entry!



Vero Beach Bridal Show 2017

February 28, 2017

Hi guys! This is an informal blog post about my participation in the Vero Beach Bridal Show this past weekend. It was my first Bridal Show, so I wasn’t sure what to expect! I have heard a lot of bad stuff about participating in Bridal shows from other vendors and a lot of good as well! I had to make sure to pick out the right show for Me! I decided to go with The Vero Beach Bridal Show because if nothing else, the proceeds go to a good cause! All the proceeds raised at the Vero Beach Bridal Show go towards the upkeep of the Vero Heritage Center, an official historic building built in 1935 that boasts it’s original wood floors to this day! I’m a sucker for history, so I was sold with this fact alone! I figured even if all the ‘Brides to Be’ are only going for the “free stuff” vendors and sponsors giveaway at Bridal Shows and have no interest in my Wedding Photography Packages, I can at least know the money I spent to be a vendor at the show went towards preserving a little piece of History here in Central Florida! Here I am in front of my booth with a nervous smirk just before the doors opened! I didn’t book anything on the spot, nor was I expecting to at all! I hate being a pushy salesperson, and I STAY AWAY from those people, so I DON’T want to be that way at all! I put a nice display together, (all DIY by the way), and talked about what I do besides weddings, my photography style, my film preferences, the differences between film and digital, how to choose a photographer that is right for you, among other topics, like the Fiestas in Mexico, getting back to the gym, and my obsession with sweets with whoever would entertain me! The point of the whole thing for Me, was for people to get to know Me, know what I do, and help steer them closer to their dream wedding whether they hire Me or not! This was very important to Me because I am a people person and I love to help them whenever I can! I do what I love and want to share it with everyone, but I also understand that not everyone budgets for a professional photographer on their wedding day for a variety of reasons, the main one being money, and even though that sounds crazy to me, that’s me, and I have no right to push people into making an investment they ether aren’t prepared to make, can’t make, or simply don’t want to make! My booth was filled with DIY elements that even the most thrifty bride could put together with a minimal  budget, and a lot them thanked me for giving them tips and providing inspiration for them! The copper pipe arch was a huge hit and I shared with them that it was a made by my hubby and the materials were purchased for just about 100 bucks at Home Depot! I had one bride in particular tell Me her fiance is a welder and she was going to ask him to do this for their ceremony arch! All my picture frames were from IKEA and are all very affordable!  I also displayed my silk and dried flower arrangements so they could see how beautiful they look as well, and I got most of them 40% off at Michael’s, SCORE! I made sure to have water and some sweets as well to help avoid any awkward silence I was anticipating, but actually didn’t happen at all, in fact I came home with a ton of extra pastries! I sent in cookies for snack time to both of my kid’s classrooms today and gave away another couple dozens of pastries to my in-laws as well!

Here’s a front shot of the whole set up!

The Love balloon is from Paper Boy Shop and I had my hubby attach the metal wires to the frames to hang them from there.

How beautiful is this little corner of the table!

I put my family portrait front and center because any bride that is going to work with Me will at some point meet my family at some point in the process, so it might as well introduce them now! Our lovely family portrait was taken by Kayla Barker and my giant sample wedding album is from QT Albums and is handmade in Poland!

I can’t believe these lovely strawberry filled pastries didn’t fly off the platter!

A little close up of one of my silk floral bouquets! These flowers are from IKEA.

The large framed prints on the table were all taken in film and the smaller ones in digital.

I had to get a close up of these lovely dried flowers left over from an editorial shoot I did last year!

The largest print on display, (besides my logo) was also in 35mm film, everyone loved it! And I really loved the way they both hung so seamlessly from the copper piping! Thanks Babe!

Now to the other vendors! I was situated directly in front of Dillard’s Men’s and home located in Vero Beach! I love how they had something for the groom’s as well! This is Daniel Santos, the Men’s tailored business manager and his crew!

Here’s another fun display from Hair by Aly McKeen.

They gave out fun little hair ties and bobby pins with their business cards!

Events by Adriana had a lovely set up as well!

They are a Mother in law and Daughter in law crew ready for business!

The cakes on display were all so beautiful! The cakes pictured above and the next few below are from Frosting on Cardinal Drive in Vero Beach

Those details!

Can you guess what the inspiration behind this one is?

And here’s the pretty face behind all these almost too pretty to eat creations!

Not sure where these ladies went when I dropped by to take their picture, but none the less, they were both very nice! Here’s a link to their Facebook page, Lovely Artistry by Aimee Goddard

This was probably the MOST POPULAR guy and the busiest booth the entire time! He gave out FREE BEER! He’s from Walking Tree Brewery.

Another empty booth when I came by, but I still had to take a quick pick of all their lovely paper goods! They are from Peach Leaf Paperie.

Meet Joanne from the Banyan Estate in Malabar, Florida. I had the pleasure of touring her venue during their open house and I was quite impressed! It’s on my “I want to shoot a wedding there” list for sure!

Now, let’s get back to the cakes!!

This beautiful Momma is responsible for all those amazing creations! She was the second most popular booth since she gave out FREE CAKE!! She’s the owner of the Yellow Rose Cakery.

There were other wedding photographers on site as well! This was First Kiss’s booth! Crazy pictures and very cool display, indeed!

We all know the party doesn’t start until the DJ plays!! This is  Jay and Heather Barwick from Barwick Entertainment.

These lovely ladies are from Magnolia Manor in Vero Beach. Another venue I’ve toured and would love to shoot a wedding at as well! You can find a little facebook live video of my visit on my facebook page here Arlene Jacobs Photography

These lovely ladies knew their good side and posed perfectly for Me when I asked to take their picture! They are from Verola Studios.

I wish I had more time to get all the vendors, but I literally only had 10 minutes to spare after I finished setting up, (yes I put it all up and brought it all down by myself) and it was just not enough time! Plus, my primary objective was to introduce myself to future brides and have fun, but of course being that I’m a photographer and a blogger, I thought this would be a fun and educational post for my readers, (hi Mom, hi Honey, love you)! Anyways, all jokes aside, it was a good experience for Me, despite not booking anything, and not knowing if I will even get any clients from participating in this event, it was an experience worth having, my money went to a good cause, I met a lot of very talented wedding vendors, friendly and beautiful brides to be and I had great time doing it! I could tell the other vendors and the brides had a great time as well, so I would recommend it to both Brides to Be and wedding vendors alike! They held a fun bridal fashion show afterwards, but I couldn’t stay due to a previously scheduled Bride consult an hour north of there, so I guess I have something to look forward to next year!

Oh, and I also held an Engagement Session Giveaway and it’s still open! Feel free to share this blog post with someone who might be interested in joining! Here are the official rules for entry!Contest closes on Saturday March 11! Thanks you! Here’s a link to The Vero Beach Bridal Show as well!

Xo Xo

Meet Me in the Garden

February 9, 2017

Well, here we are, it’s the last weekend before V-Day and you still have no idea what you’re doing for that special someone in your life! If you live in the frozen Northern states, this post is not for you, sorry, you better start a Pinterest search! However, if you live in Florida, you’re in luck! I have an awesome idea for you and some lovely pictures for you to draw inspiration from and create an intimate romantic garden dinner surprise!

This time of year, the Sunshine State boasts beautiful weather most of the season. The evenings are breezy and beautiful, except last night when I set this up, of course! Anyways, it is the perfect time of year to dine al fresco. I can’t think of a better way to show your love for your spouse or significant other this Valentine’s Day than to set up a romantic bistro style dinner on your patio, balcony, backyard, or garden; anywhere outside is perfect! Or, if in fact, you are in a place where winter is real, then why not bring the outdoors inside? Gather up all of your potted plants around your little bistro set-up and add some candles (if this isn’t possible, then again just start pinning)! Place a little note or stationary somewhere that your sweetheart will run into as he/she gets home from work (I know most of us have to work on V-day). You can also leave a little trail of tea lights leading up to it, if it didn’t rain cats and dogs in the middle of me setting up I would have done this. The point is to get creative, put some effort into it and you will create something awesome that the two of you will enjoy and cherish for years (you’ll have to come up with something better next year, but you’ll be good for now).

I’ve rehearsed the whole set up and taken pictures of it in the rain to share it with you! You’re welcome, I hope you enjoy and can draw a little inspiration for your Valentine’s date night!

It’s all about Love, so of course, I had to have a love balloon! This one is from Etsy Shop; Paper Boy Shop.

You can do without actual food, but a bottle of wine or champagne and dessert is a MUST for this occasion!

These adorable chocolate cookies are from IKEA. I was sad that I didn’t get to eat them! Lucky for Me I have another pack for Valentine’s Day!

This is the path I would have lined with tealights if it had’t rained! Fingers crossed for the actual V-Day!

The cute little Bistro set is also from IKEA! You can style any event with only IKEA items, of that I’m sure! Here’s the link for you

The ferns were courtesy of my once over-grown garden! Believe it or not, Ferns grow like weeds here and they are oh so lovely!

And because they are oh so lovely, here’s another shot of them! After all, “Greenery” is the official color of the year!

How cute is this little XO set up on the plate! These little tea plates were $0.50 at a local thrift store by the way!

The linens were a steal at $5 a yard from left over fabric pieces at Old Time Pottery.

Here’s a closer look at the fabric, the napkin (also from Old Time Pottery), and the plates. Please ignore the rain drops and the lack of silverware!

It will be the perfect Tuesday night Valentine’s dinner ever! I can’t wait to actually add it the tealights along the pathway! I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s an example of the note you can leave for your Valentine! I’m using this stationary made by Libby from

The Joy Co. She also took this picture of Me, and made this little cameo possible! Thanks Libby!