Lost among the gods

It’s Monday, October 3rd, and I am about to post my very first blog! To be perfectly honest I’m not expecting anyone to actually read this, but still I write. “What will she write about?” You ask yourself. Well I’m still stumped! What do people blog about? Their amazing lives and endless adventures, their adorable and extremely intelligent children and their ‘furr babies,’ the perfect dinner party, the wedding of the century, the heart throbbing love story, DIY everything!? All those things are fine and dandy and many people love that stuff, (myself included) but I often feel my life is just not that interesting or Blog worthy, so that’s the main reason I haven’t taken up blogging along side my photography, but alas it is time!
I plan to keep it real and to be able to connect to all who read my blog (even if there are only three of you)! Even though life isn’t always exciting or blog worthy, each of us have unique life experiences and different perspectives on similar issues that can help someone else in a certain area of their life.
With that said, I leave you with a little teaser of a conceptual shoot I put together in the incredibly inspiring Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. last June. The idea behind the shoot was very personal, it was based on the feeling of not being worthy to be counted among other great artists/photographers in the world. It was based on my own insecurities as an artist, and the self-destructive idea that my work (or I) wasn’t good enough to compete in the world of fine art photography. I asked Hilary, my dear friend and fabulous model to portray the feeling of being lost among greatness, “Lost among the the gods,” if you may. It’s a story of trying to find your way and standout in an endless sea of beautiful works of art, and trying not to let yourself get lost in it all.
I have submitted the shoot for publishing, so I can’t post anymore about it at this time, but I can tell you that God smiled at me that day, and the shoot was perfect! I hope you enjoy this little teaser and I will keep you posted on the rest of the images once I know if and when they will be published! If they are not published somewhere else, I will be posting them all right here!

Modeling done by Hillary Ryann
Hair and Makeup by Jade of Jaded Beauty
Flowers by Mainstreet Flower Market in Parker, CO.
Dress by Free People
Headband by H&M
Leather wrap belt by ADA Collection