Rifle Paper Co’s Side Walk Sale in Winter Park, FL


I had the pleasure of attending Rifle Paper Co’s “Sidewalk Sale” at their flagship store in Winter Park, Florida this past weekend and it was quite the pretty paper and flower lover’s dream!

In case you are wondering what Rifle Paper Co is, like my husband was when I told him about our weekend plans, it is not a shop that sells paper guns! Contrary to what it sounds like, it is a unique stationary company based in Winter Park, Florida. It offers everything from custom wedding invitation suites to Easter, Birthday and Thank you cards. They also have calendars, meal planners, agendas, notebooks, sketch pads, recipe cards, you name it!

Their sidewalk sale consists of samples and left over printed fabric pieces, loose cards, coasters, calendars and wall art. They didn’t have any wedding invites because those are customized to match a particular wedding theme and are sold on a per order basis. However, this doesn’t mean it wasn’t the perfect place for the discerning Central Florida bride to be! They had fabulous gifts any bridesmaid would love! The planners and notebooks were perfect for a busy bride to be to keep it together during the wedding planning process!

As for me, I stocked up on my Thank you cards, Christmas cards, coasters, and also bought a couple wall calendars for 2018, a planner, a few file folders, three wall art floral pieces, a notebook and piece of cute fabric just because! I got everything at 50-70% off and despite them being samples, everything was in great condition, I could not see any signs of damage on anything! I made out like a bandit in my opinion and so did many more savvy shoppers!

According to a super friendly sales associate, Rifle Paper Co in Winter Park has a sidewalk sale about three times per year and the best way to find out about it is to follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook. If you perhaps are from my home state of California or another part of the world and can’t ever make it to their flagship store in Winter Park, Florida, don’t worry, they run fabulous sales and fulfill custom wedding invitation orders online at their website, Riflepaperco.com

Here are a few pictures of the Sidewalk Sale and some of the goodies I brought home with me! Please enjoy and feel free to Pin away!


And below are some of the goodies I brought home with me!